Making Art with Jesse Brass

The Making Art project is a series of films that explore the art processes, stories and artwork of many incredible artists from the U.S and Canada. This inspiring series has reached a very large audience and it was only matter of time until Atizay Shop found out about it. As soon as we watched the Making Art films, we wanted to know what were the inspiration and the purpose behind such compelling content. And Jesse Brass, the filmmaker and storyteller behind this artistic project, was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for the Atizay family.


Your mother is an artist. Would you say that’s where your interest in art comes from?

My mother, father, brother and myself are all artists, but my mother was the only one to pursue it. I went into advertising instead. Through advertising, I fell in love with language. In 2012 my brother, Matt Brass, had the idea of documenting my mother, Donna Brass, for a Vimeo weekend competition. We won! That was the beginning of the Making Art series. Turned out story telling was my art.

The work you do is different from other initiatives we’ve seen. What is the purpose behind the Making Art project?

Intimacy is my objective. I feel most films on artists dive into their celebrity, career and technique. Making Art is more of just a quiet moment with the artist. A conversation.

How do you choose the artists you talk to in the Making Art series?

I look for new art everyday, which I share via my Instagram @makingartfilms. Occasionally I see an artist I think is remarkable and reach out. The art world is comfortably small, another joy of making these films. Such a wonderful community of like-minded people.

Do you practice any other type of plastic or visual arts, besides filming?

I used to make large scale color pencil work as a child, most of which still hangs in my home. For now, though, film is my art.

Do you believe artists have a role in society? What is yours?

Yes! A completely non essential role. But I think the most important things in life are non essential. It’s what we look at, dream about and aspire to. Essential is surviving, but art is the reason for surviving. Art is lovely, profound and valuable, but only because it's an extension of the artist. What they saw and felt at a moment. I want to make portraits of artists, because I think they are most beautiful.


The Making Art series was created by Jesse and his brother Matt Brass, but the films are currently directed, filmed and edited by Jesse. You can explore more of the artistic film project on the Making Art Films website and connect with Jesse through his Instagram profile.

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